Speaking of Bespoke

The Internet promises to disrupt many industries, but it’s finally getting around to disrupting the garment industry. There are now many sites devoted to providing exclusive-brand quality at mass-market-brand prices. They use approaches like out-sourcing design to their customers, taking a smaller profit margin than typical designer or bespoke operators, generating a larger volume of sales through global exposure via the Internet, and providing generous terms for dealing with wrong sizes.

Threadless and Cafe Press are the grand-daddies of the market, but there are now some Australian outfits getting in on the act, such as Shoes of Prey who are getting a profile for their high-end women’s footwear.

However, I want to do a shout-out for Carbon Copy Shirts who I’ve bought a few business shirts from. They have a great deal at the moment of 3 shirts for $99 that I’ve taken advantage of. Now the shirts have been through the wash a couple of times, I can say that they are good quality and they are in the regular wear cycle.