Where the cheap razors have gone

Although it’s complete coincidence that Movember ended a couple of days back, I wanted to give a quick update on razor blades. I previously wrote about how the razors in supermarkets were very expensive, but I now have some good news.

The major supermarket chains (Coles, Woolworths) may have stopped stocking the older and cheaper razor blade systems, but the discount chains still have them. Today I bought a Schick Ultra razor for $5 from The Reject Shop. Please excuse the quality of the photo – it was taken with my phone camera.

4 thoughts on “Where the cheap razors have gone”

  1. Priceline might be another option. I’ve found they continued to stock my favourite toiletries after the major supermarkets discontinued them.
    I recognise the joy in stumbling across an old favourite that you thought had disappeared!

    1. Thanks Mrs T – I’ll check it out. Although, I’ve found them a bit more focused on women’s products in the past, I recall they did stock a bit of men’s shaving stuff.

  2. I must admit I’ve never checked out their men’s section – interesting to hear they focussed on women’s products.

  3. I think The Reject Shop may be targeting women also, as now that I’ve used it, the Schick razor appears to be a more typical women’s design (despite it’s black colouring). Makes it a little less nimble when shaving around the face, but at least it takes the blades I had!

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