I came, I swore, I gave a speech

Tonight I presented my fourth Toastmasters speech. It was CC#4 “How to Say It”, which means that it was meant to be on the theme of language and words. So, I thought it would be a nice twist on the topic to do a speech about swearing.

Turns out that swearing is a pretty interesting topic. There’s a good article on swearing at Howstuffworks, although I didn’t use it for the speech. Anyway, I wrote the speech last night, and all I had to do was remember it and deliver it alright. Unfortunately, I didn’t remember it clearly, didn’t deliver it in a punchy way, and ended up going seriously over time. The lesson is that if I’d practiced it to the point where I’d memorised it, it would have been fine.

For those who are interested in what I meant to deliver, feel free to read my speech on swearing.

2 thoughts on “I came, I swore, I gave a speech”

  1. Nice speech. Perhaps the reason that there are no new swear words, are that there are no new naughty bits? I mean the C,F, and S words have been around as long as their respective connotations no doubt. Words such as bloody and God have lost a lot of their punch since blasphemy is no longer such a taboo. I would suggest that as fewer things become taboo, so naughty vocabulary will shrink rather than grow. On the other hand there have been some popular additions, “D’Oh” comes to mind…

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