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The following is a list of websites that I’ve come across that are relevant to people investing in real estate in Australia. I don’t check this list regularly, so some links could become obsolete without me knowing.

See also my reviews of investment books.

  • – Jan and Ian Somers’ site for ordering and downloading their book and software products, as well as an excellent discussion forum.
  • – Australian Property Investor magazine. Contains some articles and other resources.
  • – Steve McKnight’s main investment site. Tips about investing and accountancy, and a discussion forum.
  • – Steve McKnight’s investment/mentoring group.
  • – Contains free articles as well as the touring information of John Burley, Robert Kiyosaki, etc.
  • – Geoff Doidge’s site on property investing – a successful Australian’s perspective.
  • – Although not Australian, John Reed provides an interesting alternative view on many of the real estate gurus now popular in Australia.
  • – Another Australian property investment discussion board. Need to register with Microsoft Passport in order to contribute.
  • – The Property Owners Association of Australia. A non-profit group with branches in each state.
  • – Steve Navra’s property investment pages. A specialist in the space between positive and negative gearing.
  • – Gatherum-Goss and Associates – Property-investment educated accountants in Melbourne.
  • – Produces software for keeping track of a real estate portfolio.

One thought on “Investment Links”

  1. Hi Andrew,
    Interesting feature you have going here. You have kept it going for quite a while, well done.
    I run the above web site and sell the majority of books that you have talked about. We try to keep our prices real. You may link to us if you wish. We have a newsletter and free articles.
    Also look at, a not for profit organisation.

    Anyway, thats all for now folks.

    Paul Tooze

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