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Please comment.

This is a personal blog, and I am going to ramble on about all kinds of random stuff. I consider my audience to be either (i) people who know me, and who I would be interested in chatting to about the topics I write about, but I might not see them in person regularly, and (ii) people who stumble across posts I’ve written, in the chaotic way that the Internet fosters through search engines, page aggregators and other blogs. So, in short, my audience will be both people I know well, as well as absolute strangers. Both are welcome, and encouraged to comment.

The one principle that I ask all to follow is to show respect for others and for the topic at hand.

But, please comment. Really.

Examples of where you might stray from the principle are:

  • If you are a spam bot.
  • If you are way off topic.
  • If you launch a personal attack on another commenter.
  • If your comment is purely made up of links to other sites.
  • If you engage in gratuitous swearing.
  • If your comment is obviously aimed at baiting others, i.e. you are trolling.

I reserve the right to remove (or not publish in the first place) any comment that I feel breaches the above. However, in general, I will not exert a tight moderation control on the comments on this blog.

The first time someone comments on the blog, they will not be published right away. I will need to add their email address to a white list. (This helps keep away the spam.) After that, their comment, and any future comments, will be published immediately.

If you have a concern about any posting or comment being factually incorrect, please contact me directly. Please provide details of who you are, how I can contact you, what your interest is, and what your concern is. If something has been written that is factually incorrect, it will be addressed. Anonymous complaints will be ignored.

However, if you have anything to contribute at all, I would like you to comment.

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